RLSD _ Vinyl

Various Artists _ Binaural Perception EP [RLSD001]

Dancefloor munitions aplenty with this release from RLSD. 4 great tracks with plenty of potential.


Roebin de Freitas _ Doubt [RASA01]

RdF and Ante-Rasa arrive strongly with their first vinyl release..

Inigo Kennedy Double Single

Inigo Kennedy _ Lullaby / Petrichor [TOKEN 41]

Inigo’s reign sounds so good..

ad.lib _ silvision _ Sins _ Affin

ad.lib & silvision _ Sins EP [Affin LTD10]

Cavernous mechanical grooves, backed with remixes by Attanasio and Spieth.


Stormfield _ Collapsing System E.P [COMBAT033]

Fucked-up future filth, blurring the lines between 303, Electro & Techno. Disgusting.

CWS _ Sin 022

CWS _ Pain In The Drone EP [Sin 022]

The more I hear it, the more I love it. Great originals and super demented remixes from Voidloss & Makaton.

gynoidd_ 084

Mattias Fridell _ Imaginary Temporal Axis EP [GYNOIDD084]

Powerful, rolling and dubby techno grooves from MF

Ronny Pries _ Breaking Bad EP [_rf045]

Ronny Pries _ Breaking Bad EP [_rf045]

After a 4 year hiatus, rohformat – the original Techno Netlabel is back with 4 badass Detroit / Industrial Techno tracks. Also includes… more »

You Are Eternity

Dadub _ You Are Eternity [Album Review]

Astonishingly heavy music from the Stroboscopic Artefacts camp.

TrusT _ Remembrance

TrusT: Remembrance _ Free 41 Track Album _ Out Now.

The follow-up to “Acceptance” is now ready to DL in your most favourite of formats.

ad.lib _ Silvision _ Redout

ad.lib & Silvision – Redout [GYNLTD004]

Finely tuned warehouse Techno from Switzerland’s finest.. supported by a mesmerising remix from Italy’s Ascion. Recommended.


Korova _ Hashima EP _ [RWXS01]

Italian young fellas Luca Filardo and Alessandro Fusaroli return with their first release on the Raw Waxes label, offering listeners a glimpse into… more »

Swarm Intelligence _ Surveillance _ Acroplane

Swarm Intelligence _ Surveillance [ACPR019]

Swarm Intelligence’s latest for Belfast based Acroplane, is a genre defying trip through the dark worlds of industrial techno and broken beats, which… more »


Energun _ Cybernetic EP

Really strong tracks. Full-on Energun style. Recommended.

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