Oscar Mulero Black Propaganda

Oscar Mulero _ Black Propaganda _ WU31 [ALBUM REVIEW]

Deep, dark and pounding – OM’s 2nd album totally deserves your attention. The original intent may have been to explore the drone sector… more »

ad.lib cover

ad.lib _ Devoted _ [Translucent028]

Hypnotic. Driving. Abstract. Sparse. Awesome. Techno. Wicked original tracks b/w class remixes from Chris Page & Mattias Fridell (MF RMX FTW). 


DSCRD _ Monad XII _ [SAM012]

  With this 4 track EP – Dscrd take the opportunity to offer the listener something unique with each track, the overall sound… more »

Nobody Climbs These Stairs Without Expecting Something Disturbing

Roebin de Freitas _ Nobody Climbs These Stairs Without Expecting Something Disturbing [ALBUM REVIEW]

The 16 originals and 12 remixes of RdF’s third album are strongly influenced by IDM, Dub, Ambient, dubstep and breakbeat. However, the glue that… more »


Kangding Ray _ Monad XI _ [SAM011]

Can you remember the last time that you heard someone’s music and you’ve immediately wanted to listen to every single thing that they’ve ever produced? This is… more »


iFormat _ As The Lines Break _ NSTDG040 [ALBUM REVIEW]

Joseph McGeechan’s iFormat moniker is back. Stark, jackin’ and devoid of melody, it’s an ultramodern take on stripped back, percussive techno. Over the course… more »

Blind Summit

Blind Summit _ Held On The Weight Of Whispers_ Sin019 [ALBUM REVIEW]

  If you like Blind Summit, it’s an absolute given that you appreciate how gorgeous and emotive his music can be. The rough textures… more »

Token is the greatest!

Ø [Phase] _ Binary Opposition Reprocessed _ TOKEN20R

Yes, it is true. No, you are not hallucinating again. Token is back with an incredible remix package and the line up is UNREAL: PAS, Ctrls,… more »

ad.lib - silvision

ad.lib & silvision _ Collide [Affin 117]

  ad.lib & silvision’s debut on Affin is pure class. Slightly dubby, distorted and raw.. the kick and bass push the sparse, yet… more »



Acroplane’s latest one is an EP by Dublin based, Eomac; who is also one half of Lakker. It fits into the “Future Garage, Electronica and… more »


Various Artists – Dicom EP [Cicuta 010]

That time of month again and it’s hard to believe that Cicuta are back with their 10th free release. This one features tracks by Quantic Spectroscopy,… more »


Mark Rogan _ Anxiety / Paranoia EP [DSNT001]

  Serious time and effort has gone into the debut release of DSNT Records and the proof is definitely in the music.  Their… more »


Ross Alexander _ Chasm EP [TMMR079]

RA’s latest release is on Vegim’s Label – TMMR. It’s undoubtedly his best to date. Ross is a firm believer in “quality, not… more »


Sunil Sharpe _ Sheworks 002 [Works The Long Nights]

The second release of Blawan and Pariah’s Label is a masterclass in hijacking.  Sunil Sharpe confidently diverts the label off to his trademark raw aesthetic. This is a strong release, with… more »

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