DSCRD _ Monad XII _ [SAM012]

  With this 4 track EP – Dscrd take the opportunity to offer the listener something unique with each track, the overall sound… more »

Musical Musings

Musical Musings

‘Music can be more specific when it conveys information about sensations that are problematic to express with words because music can operate prior… more »


An open loveletter to d16

Todays digital production environment is perfect. It is perfect in the same way that clean hospital rooms with perfectly filtered air, uniform cold… more »

Nobody Climbs These Stairs Without Expecting Something Disturbing

Roebin de Freitas _ Nobody Climbs These Stairs Without Expecting Something Disturbing [ALBUM REVIEW]

The 16 originals and 12 remixes of RdF’s third album are strongly influenced by IDM, Dub, Ambient, dubstep and breakbeat. However, the glue that… more »

Kangding Ray 1

Once upon a time _ Interview with Kangding Ray

Under the name of Kangding Ray, David LeTellier makes some of the best electronic music you will ever hear. The latest release on Stroboscopic Artefacts is a… more »

SS WHite line

The other side of subsekt..

subsekt is an online network focusing on Techno & consisting of a blog, news, interviews, forums, monthly mixes on and more..


Unwelcome Reflections: A Personal Reaction To The Swedish House Mafia In The Phoenix Park.

Last Saturday’s now infamous Swedish House Mafia gig in the Phoenix Park has provoked a customary reaction from the usual well-spring of disgusted… more »


Kangding Ray _ Monad XI _ [SAM011]

Can you remember the last time that you heard someone’s music and you’ve immediately wanted to listen to every single thing that they’ve ever produced? This is… more »


iFormat _ As The Lines Break _ NSTDG040 [ALBUM REVIEW]

Joseph McGeechan’s iFormat moniker is back. Stark, jackin’ and devoid of melody, it’s an ultramodern take on stripped back, percussive techno. Over the course… more »

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