Cindy _ Main

An Identity _ Interview With Cindy

Interview and Podcast with Portuguese Man o’ Techno – Cindy.

RLSD _ Vinyl

Various Artists _ Binaural Perception EP [RLSD001]

Dancefloor munitions aplenty with this release from RLSD. 4 great tracks with plenty of potential.

Kiazma _ Mugshot

Rediscovered _ Interview With Kiazma

Jackson Nyman has a fresh take on Techno..

Lakker _ Main

Words & Music _ Interview With Lakker [Video]

A video feature with the Dublin duo, including a tour through one of the tracks from Monad XIV.

Roebin de Freitas _ Main _

Prototypes _ Interview With Roebin de Freitas

RdF returns to subsekt 055 for another mix and conversation..

Boner M _ Main

Scarce _ Interview With Boner M

Boner M gifts an incredible mix from his archives for subsekt 056.

Derlich _ _ Front

At Some Moment _ Interview With Derlich

Scrape off the surface. Reveal whats beneath. Derlich is on subsekt 054.

Mono.xID _ Main

Processed _ Interview With Mono.xID

The subsekt straight-talker has 053 firmly in his sights..

Neil Birnie _ Front _ PGV01

A Matter Of Time _ Interview With Neil Birnie

Pounding Grooves tribute mix from the Fnoob cornerstone..


Roebin de Freitas _ Doubt [RASA01]

RdF and Ante-Rasa arrive strongly with their first vinyl release..

Inigo Kennedy Double Single

Inigo Kennedy _ Lullaby / Petrichor [TOKEN 41]

Inigo’s reign sounds so good..

AnD _ Main

Textures That Engrave _ Interview With AnD

A chat within and a raucous hour of music beyond with AnD for subsekt 050.

Lasse Buhl _ Scattered _ Main

Crossing Bridges _ Interview With Lasse Buhl

Lasse Buhl programmes an hour of hypnotic, industrial framed deepness for subsekt 049.

Ashley Borg _ Main

Straight Forward _ Interview With Ashley Borg

subsekt 047. Words and music with London’s Void Resident.

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