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subsekt radio show on _ Every 4 weeks. Starting Friday 4th May 2012 @ 2200GMT

As you may already know.. subsekt runs a monthly mix. So far there have been outstanding contributions from Mslwte & Tyler Smith (Check the set if you… more »


No Pleasure Beyond This Point _ Interview with Videohead.

Videoheads ethos and aesthetic is that the next production has to be completely different from the last. Combining sound recordings, synthesis and extreme manipulation,… more »


PSP Vintage Warmer Explained

Every wonder how tha *&$# you use this thing & what all the controls do? ; ) Haha – Fret no more: Jamie… more »


Used _ Chris Page Interview

Chris Page is a Techno Producer from London and is currently releasing music on labels like Affin , Gynoid Audio, BCR, Translucent, Shapeless… more »

vinyl kills

In Defence of Turntables

  An article on the relevance of turntables in the Digital Age Stuart Nealon   In November 2010, Panasonic announced that it would… more »


Chris Liebing @ Dubspot :: Interview

  Here’s a great interview with Chris Liebing, where he talks about his djing experience and the way he lives techno.


99 Free Patches for Ableton Live Operator

Thanks alot to Christian Kleine for these lovely patches!


Techno Bass tutorial in Ableton live

Hello everybody! I made this video a couple of months ago when I was working on some tracks. This tutorial gives you a… more »

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