d16 Sigmund _ High Quality Flexible Delay Unit [Review]

Ste / ad.lib puts d16’s Inspiring new multi-delay unit through its paces..

Wave Alchemy _ Synth Drums

Wave Alchemy _ Synth Drums

A labour of love, spanning 2 years and involving classic analog synths, culminating in the result being recorded to tape & vinyl.. Excellent.

Lush _ Front

Lush 101 _ Stripped Down Sound Design [Review]

Ste / ad.lib takes an epic 5 month look at D16’s Lush 101.


Tegeler Audio Manufaktur _ Magnetismus II [Review]

Seb / S-Tek from AG – KW puts this VCA Compressor / Transient Shaper through its paces..

Iris _ 1

Izotope Iris _ Review

Ok – Izotope Iris has been out a while, but it’s definitely the type of plugin that is worth reminding everyone about on… more »


soniccharge _ Permut8 [Review]

There’s certainly no shortage of emulated vintage analogue plugins in the world of computer music… which is perhaps why Sonic Charge have raised… more »

Early Studio Experiments

Why Are Female Record Producers So Rare?

I have seen a lot of discussion about this over the years, but had yet to  read anything investigative on the subject. Trust… more »


An open loveletter to d16

Todays digital production environment is perfect. It is perfect in the same way that clean hospital rooms with perfectly filtered air, uniform cold… more »


Can I touch the Sound? Analog Versus Digital Sound

This article is written by David Meiser & originally appeared on Reproduced here with kind permission.


The Things Our Ancestors Gave Us – Part 1

When most of us think of the words “ancestor” and “music” in the same context, there is no doubt in my mind that… more »


The Oblique Strategies _ Brian Eno

In 1975, Peter Schmidt and Brian Eno created the original pack of Oblique Strategies cards, through thinking about approaches to their own work… more »


Drum Synthesis _ with Fxpansion Tremor

I found these vids after geeking up on our sound design thread in the FORUMS. I dont have Tremor (I wish) – but these vids are very… more »


PSP Vintage Warmer Explained

Every wonder how tha *&$# you use this thing & what all the controls do? ; ) Haha – Fret no more: Jamie… more »


99 Free Patches for Ableton Live Operator

Thanks alot to Christian Kleine for these lovely patches!

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