Stormfield _ Collapsing System E.P [COMBAT033]

Fucked-up future filth, blurring the lines between 303, Electro & Techno. Disgusting.

Beatz _ Main

Beatz _ Interview with Eduardo De La Calle

Involving 150 of the key players in the global Techno scene, De La Calle’s interesting new documentary examines the changing nature of Techno… more »

CWS _ Main

Converted _ Interview with CWS

Beyond the layers of complicated rhythms, CWS tells us why the future is positive..

Joachim _ 1

Variations _ Interview with Joachim Spieth

Affin is celebrating a birthday. I’ve been listening to Joachim for a decade by this stage, so it was cool to fire some… more »

Lush _ Front

Lush 101 _ Stripped Down Sound Design [Review]

Ste / ad.lib takes an epic 5 month look at D16’s Lush 101.


Tegeler Audio Manufaktur _ Magnetismus II [Review]

Seb / S-Tek from AG – KW puts this VCA Compressor / Transient Shaper through its paces..

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