Roebin de Freitas _ Doubt [RASA01]

RASA01_RdF Family Day Out

RdF and Ante-Rasa arrive strongly with their first vinyl release..complete with remixes from Lakker and Stanislav Tolkachev. Love all the artists involved here, so very very cool.

The 2 originals – ‘Doubt’ and ‘Twitch’ are great on their own. ‘Doubt’ has that excellent IDM meets Techno vibe that I always love RdF for and almost appears structureless as it continuously  changes shape and colour. ‘Twitch’ is more of a straight up affair, showcasing the other side of this producer; tough, relentless and gritty. Both of these are class.

The Lakker remix initially brings ‘Doubt’ down a restricted route, only to open it up out into a much larger, more interesting and wider space. Very cool remix from some Irish artists that always have the balls to do their own thing and aren’t afraid to put their own stamp on other peoples music. A Lakker remix is always a remix.

Liking the other remix a lot too. Stanislav Tolkachev’s version of ‘Twitch’ spins the original off into dark modular territory with it’s slick fractured beat. I don’t know if some of the kicks are reversed or what, but its so pounding, so fucking dysfunctional. Whenever I hear it, I keep thinking of that track from Irreversible that’s in the scene with the fire extinguisher. Very intense.

The press release mentions the word ‘hybrid’ which for me sums up RdF’s musical approach perfectly. He regularly straddles genres, pulling sounds and rhythms off into interesting new places (usually Techno) with the sort of production that doesn’t sound like he’s necessarily trying to fit in. He does his own thing. I’m a fan.

I first became aware of de Frietas’ music via his 2012 album ‘Nobody Climbs These Stairs Without Expecting Something Disturbing’. The originals were phenomenal. It was some of the best music I’d heard in a long time and its still in the car. His mix on subsekt 012 remains one of my favourites too. He’s got and EP coming out on Singularity soon that I’m keeping an ear out for, so I’d recommend checking that out also.

I’ve been waiting to hear the result of RdF’s new label experiments for probably the guts of a year now. Good things always come to those who wait and have patience. So glad its finally here. It didn’t disappoint. Here’s to the next one.



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