Dadub _ You Are Eternity [Album Review]

You Are Eternity

Astonishingly heavy music from the Stroboscopic Artefacts camp.

It was a nice surprise to get an early copy of this in the post over Xmas as I am a big fan of Dadub’s style. As much as I love their music, I’m equally attracted to their attitude; in particular how they regularly run workshops to share their craft and passion for what they do. I think it speaks volumes about someones artistic confidence when they choose to engage others in this way. Yep; it’s altruistic.

Likewise and rather unsurprisingly, I always find their music to be thoughtful and impressive.

If you like cinematic and ambient, broken beat dubby Techno, then this album will definitely far exceed your expectations. From the gentle beginnings of Vibration, the tracks are saturated with beautiful sound design and intelligent rhythms. Bass heavy and continually surprising, Dadub’s concept proves to be a flavour that lasts.

These songs are packed with countless moments of pure class. It’s the little things that I love, such as how they tune the resonance in Vibration and how the dub delay style is extended to the sub in the final section.

There’s too much to choose from. The occasional percussive hits that weave around the general awesomeness of Life are precision perfect. Then in Path, check out how the sidechain is longer than the kicks, with the effect that you are sucked into the groove.

Arrivalwith that double tap distorted bass that eventually comes in.. superb!

Finally, the gorgeously tranqualised and evolving pads of Iridescent Fragment, remind me of a stretched out and tripped out Boards of Canada track. A real blissful end.

There are a few collaborations on this too, which should be noted, with Edit Select, King Cannibal and Øe. I particularly liked the rawness of the King Cannibal one and the dubby electronica sounds of Øe’s Experience.

As an album, you’ll need to keep your ears on to fully appreciate it. The way their atmospheres ebb and flow are just incredible. Probably best not to skip around too much, as the detail and intention are only revealed to those with patience.

When people talk about Techno, they often say clichéd shit like it’s music from the future etc.. but in this case I think it’s fair to say that Dadub’s music is music for the future. Surely it’s only a matter of time before they are getting commissioned for big budget films..

Whatever happens, Dadub inhabit a league not often reached and consequently their music will deservedly remain timeless.


“You Are Eternity” is released on 18th February 2013 on Stroboscopic Artefacts.


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  1. John Turner

    Jan 29. 2013

    Great review. Can’t wait for this album. Dadub a without a doubt my favourite producers over the last couple of years. The teaser video that got uploaded to Vimeo gives me goosebumps

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