Mattias Fridell _ Imaginary Temporal Axis EP [GYNOIDD084]

gynoidd_ 084

Powerful, rolling and dubby techno grooves from MF

I’ve been meaning to put this up for a couple of weeks now, but with one thing & another I never got the chance. I got really excited when I heard the previews of this release as I love when Mattias bangs it out.

First track, Temporal Axis is wicked. It’s got a solid bass and one of the most perfect kick drums that I’ve heard in ages. An efficient little synth riff pushes the listener forward, only to get pulled back by the stab that eventually enters the groove. Things get serious when the ride and clap start working together. Great stuff, especially as the synth line goes bendy. It’s also got a deadly metallic / reverb’d vocal that comes in every now & then. Quality.

The energy of the synth riff in Restrictive Influence is highly infectious. The groove of the track just grows & grows. Love the sound of the clap that comes in. I can totally imagine that piercing through on a loud system.

Things get deeper to close on Durandal; the most abstract track of the EP. The chords and the vibe are spot on, but lifted to something special with the jarring snare that Fridell later includes. It’s a great sound, that snare.. slightly dysfunctional but bang on the money.

Played & supported by: Samuli Kemppi, Peter Van Hoesen, Paul Mac, Xhin, Tommy Four Seven, Slam, Audio Injection, Paul Boex, DVS1, Inigo Kennedy, Advanced Human and others.

Mattias is a king of subterfuge.. highly skilled at keeping simple simple structures hidden beneath subtle changes and moments of distraction. Really strong EP.

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