Korova _ Hashima EP _ [RWXS01]

Italian young fellas Luca Filardo and Alessandro Fusaroli return with their first release on the Raw Waxes label, offering listeners a glimpse into a cold, unnerving soundscape of dark throbbing beats and repressed psychedelic inflections.

The Original and Extended mix certainly feel like a product of their times (circa November 2012) with productions that instil in the listener a sense of paranoia and insecurity – that feeling that everyone is staring at you as you throw awkward shapes through silhouettes in the dark.

Listening to the Original, one notices the sense of alienation that really informs techno productions these days, the tracks making use those pristinely implemented reverbs that serve to distance you from the music you’re supposed to be listening to… from the producers that made it and probably from yourself as well; inducing in the listener the feeling that you’re standing all alone in the middle of an abandoned car manufacturing facility.

The Extended mix benefits from a number of well placed delays that give it an edge once it starts to develop but doesn’t do much diverging from the Original.

In all, the release is a perfectly adequate EP, offering a set of tracks more suited to the beginning of a night, as opposed to fuelling the fires of an impassioned, rampaging set where all boundaries dissolve..

However, it’s the Mike Parker mix that really gets the skin crawling and is the most menacing of the tracks on the EP, sneaking up behind you with that sense of unbearable nausea reserved for loud, approaching footfalls, coming from behind as you race through a long and darkened alley.


Out Now

Korova: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Korova/123723030989885



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