ad.lib _ Depeche Mode Bootleg – I Feel Loved [Free Download for Xmas]

Ste / ad.lib has been talking about doing a Depeche Mode bootleg for ages now & after getting Mattias Fridell to master it, … more »

The Great Day of His Wrath 1851-3 by John Martin 1789-1854

Structures and Shapes _ Interview with Ontal

Had a chat with Darko Dekode and Boris Noiz from Subotica, Serbia who make industrial techno/rhythmic noise under the name of Ontal.


Searching _ Interview with Sawf

I caught up with the mysterious producer from Greece; Sawf, for a chat and to discuss his new release on the experimental and… more »


Aesthetic _ Interview with CTRLS

Recently got the chance to chat with CTRLS about his live set and studio work coming up to his performance at Fabric London.


Different Purpose _ Interview with Gerard Hanson [Convextion / E.R.P]

For those who know, Gerard Hanson needs no introduction. Based in and hailing from Texas, Gerard has released techno under the alias Convextion… more »


Korova _ Hashima EP _ [RWXS01]

Italian young fellas Luca Filardo and Alessandro Fusaroli return with their first release on the Raw Waxes label, offering listeners a glimpse into… more »

Swarm Intelligence _ Surveillance _ Acroplane

Swarm Intelligence _ Surveillance [ACPR019]

Swarm Intelligence’s latest for Belfast based Acroplane, is a genre defying trip through the dark worlds of industrial techno and broken beats, which… more »

MPIA3 _ Truss

MPIA3 on Boiler Room _ UNREAL

You must check out this punishing shit from Truss / MPIA3 on Boiler Room. Amazing.

Realmz 2

Militant _ Interview with REALMZ

Sonic Groove leviathan REALMZ comes out of the shadows for some dialog and a mix that will challenge your understanding of what Techno… more »


Energun _ Cybernetic EP

Really strong tracks. Full-on Energun style. Recommended.


Dadub _ You Are Eternity _ Album Announcement.

The bearded wonders have announced that there is an album coming out in February 2013.

Invite @ Smeerboel

Curate The Show _ Interview with Invite

ad.lib talks to Tim/ Invite – the man behind Invite Choice Podcasts. A series of 78 quality techno sets as of when we… more »

Ableton 9

Ableton 9 _ Preview

You’d wanna have been living under a rock not to have heard that Live 9 is on its way. Looks great!!


Raíz & Jeff Derringer _ Deception EP [EDLX026]

OK.. its been out a while, but Raíz, Jeff Derringer & Edit Select have made some heavy weapons for Electric Deluxe.

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