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I caught up with the mysterious producer from Greece; Sawf, for a chat and to discuss his new release on the experimental and conceptual Greek Label Modal Analysis.

Sawf originally came to my attention with his stunning industrial influenced techno release ‘Flaws’ on Perc Trax. We discussed his early musical influences amongst other things in the run up to a special broadcast on St.Stephen’s / Boxing Day – 26th December, which will feature Sawf and some other special guests.

Watch this space as we reveal who is coming-up in the next few weeks.

subsekt 017 will be broadcast on Fnoob on Wednesday 26th December 2012 (Time TBC) and will be available on soundcloud after transmission. You will be able to join the event on Facebook shortly.

Hey Sawf, thanks for agreeing to do this interview. You are based in Greece right, have you always lived in Greece?

Hey Rachael, well I was born in Montreal but soon after I moved to Greece. You are from London right?

Nice, I’m from Ireland… a lot colder than Greece I’d imagine!


Haha, so, what’s a normal day like in the life of Sawf?

Hahaha, funny question, well I guess it’s pretty quiet. Nothing special. Some days are full of searching for music or just trying to make some. On some other occasions I try to avoid it so I can come back fresh.

When did you first start to notice music and what was it that caught your attention?

Well, it had to be around 9 or 10 years old when I started to grow a personal interest. At the beginning the mixture was pretty wide from like commercial electronic music to Greek stuff , whatever. Searching for new music was not that easy back then but I guess that motivated me to look deeper.

I know the way, it was the same here in Ireland. I discovered electronic music by listening to The Orb and  Ryuichi Sakamoto on a compilation CD I came across.

Exactly. CD compilations were a good way to discover new stuff.

They really are, found some great techno and electro via Dave Clarke’s World Series compilations! Have you any memory of any records that you first fell in love with? What was the first record you bought?

Funny that you mention world service series, pretty influential. Well the first record should be something Greek probably. I remember my first electronic compilation though.

Yeah, it seems to have been very influential for quite a few people. Big up to Dave Clarke for that! Can you remember the name of that first electronic compilation?

Dream Injection 6: Audio Sculptures. When I entered that small record store, the second CD was playing and luckily enough I had money with me, I immediately bought it.

Nice! Haven’t come across that compilation before, but some amazing tracks on that for sure!

Cool series, pretty weird that the guy compiling these CDs added me on Soundcloud a month ago.

Hi I’m Rachael and I love exploring different thought processes and ranges of emotion through the medium of music. Music has caused me to find people of similar mindsets and build beautiful friendships. There is nothing more enjoyable than dancing and feeling the frequencies flow through your body while getting lost in a cacophony of sound, which drenches the senses so soothingly. I also really enjoy reading, ranting and researching.


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