Raíz & Jeff Derringer _ Deception EP [EDLX026]

OK.. its been out a while, but Raíz, Jeff Derringer & Edit Select have made some heavy weapons for Electric Deluxe.

First off, let me say that I was personally familiar with the hard work that Raíz (pronounced Ra’ eiz) have put in, over the past 7 years, as I first met the Vargas brothers when they were the live PA duo, Acid Circus.  Their recent signing to Electric Deluxe confirms their determination and dedication and of the refining of their sound from their earlier work on Droid Behavior.

So, Vidal & Vangelis Vargas have been performing and producing for the past decade under the moniker Acid Circus, utilizing a combination of digital and hardware the duo have proven their ability to combine dissimilar genres while maintaining an forbidding atmosphere of techno within their work.  Their moniker Raíz has been devastating dance floors with a darker side of an unforeseeable persona.

Jeff Derringer is no stranger to the techno scene, respected as both an exceptional DJ and producer.  His first release on Subtrak in 2010, was nothing but superb.  Following his debut release, Jeff began a working relationship with Ali Wells of Perc Trax, releasing a number of outstanding EP’s on the well-respected label.  Jeff’s current Oktave residency has helped to reestablish the fundamentals of techno in Chicago and provide support to a reemergence of techno in New York.  ‘Deception’ takes a harder approach than his previous work on Perc Trax.

The first track Deceit is just that, elements of a low driving kick and a well eq’d bleep with some delay open the track into a blistering array of panning percussion laced with heavy reverb.  A subtle low tom and clap lure the listener just long enough for a barrage of shuffled high hats.  The track is as clever as the name implies, moving in waves to build tension until the listener is cornered once more with filtered synths and a dense fusillade of percussion.  The unique controlled sequencing of ‘Deceit’ is mercilessly floor orientated.

Deception provides a relentless alternative for those seeking that Berghain techno sound and is accompanied with a brilliant auxiliary by Edit Select.  The driving bass and reverberated clap provide the backing while a distant interlaced synth stabs in a rhythmic pattern.  The brilliant saturation of the drone imbues the classic dark basement techno sound.  Heavily saturated sweeps and drones that fade intermittently provide an ingenious facet of class production.

The Edit Select remix is a complimentary slab of techno, delivering a pounding kick accompanied by a well EQ’d high tom with a short decay.  The haunting drone that embodies Deception can be heard drifting somewhere in the distance, while a brighter rhythmic stab carries the lead, till the close of the high hats and the fading of the shaker.

Raíz – Coupled with Chicago’s Oktave resident and Creative designer Jeff Derringer, makes for one deadly EP.  I’d definitely chart this entire release.

Jason Neumeyer

Out since August 2012


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