T-Plus _ Out One EP [RKT008]

T-Plus brings Reaktivate off on a refreshing tangent with his debut release for the label..

T-Plus skillfully balances an unsettling beat and smothering atmosphere on Progetto 1.1. I really enjoyed listening to how the producer kept the interest going in this track as the intensity of that noisy atmosphere cranked up & up..

RK007 had Mattias Fridell as a guest remixer and this one continues that trend with MTD from Sonntag Morgen Records’ remix of Progetto 1.1. His “out of sync” version twists things up nicely. The pummelling kick just about holds the pulse of the track together as hints of the original meander in and out.

Yellow Troops & Element are cool tracks – very stripped back and all about the sound and rhythm of the kicks; perfect for taking a good mix.

My favourites are the 2 Progetto’s from T-Plus & MTD.

I honestly hadn’t heard of T-Plus before – but I’m looking forward to hearing some more stuff from him in the future. Interesting stuff.


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  1. mslwte

    Oct 26. 2012

    yellow troops is on the money!

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