Paul Birken and Freddy Fresh _ Midwest Whippersnappers [EAR003]

Words cannot describe how fucking sick & demented this release is!!

The 3rd release on Sunil Sharpe’s Earwiggle label is a monster. Previous releases by the seminal Anodyne and legendary Steve Stoll have indicated the direction that this label could probably be taking..

Without a doubt; this latest EP, featuring the fearless union of Paul Birken & Freddy Fresh, will be responsible for the imminent blowing of minds, speakers & eardrums.

All tracks are filthy, acidic, jackin’, dumb AND clever at the same time. Birken’s chaotic 202 / modular genius is evident in a the sick warehouse rave of Acid Youth of Malibu. Really loving the Freddie Fresh electro track at the end too. They’re all quality tracks tbh.

Early support from Surgeon, Blawan, Objekt, Pariah, 2562/ A Made Up Sound, Inigo Kennedy, Perc, Ancient Methods, Truss, Bas Mooy, Jerome Hill, Tessela, Minimum Syndicat & more..

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