Sunil Sharpe _ Sheworks 002 [Works The Long Nights]

The second release of Blawan and Pariah’s Label is a masterclass in hijacking.  Sunil Sharpe confidently diverts the label off to his trademark raw aesthetic. This is a strong release, with 4 truly excellent tracks.

First up is Landing Strip. Hell slowly breaks loose as the tension builds and is released by a heavily distorted acid line. Just close your eyes and imagine this playing in a club, with all those background elements filtering up.. Utter madness. Great track.

Saturana is another beast. Sharpe’s production is constantly twisting.. and this one reminds me of a modern, more fucked up take on those early PAS records.

Shudder Blaze refuses to be pinned down. Thumpin’ kicks.. Glitchness.. and a dark off beat stab  – it’s got a huge amount of swagger to it. That rolling hat pattern is simply INSANE!! 🙂

Last track Roki is a real heavyweight. Noisy and funky as fuck, it’s ready to smash everything in its path. I love the way Sunil’s ideas evolve over the course of this tune. He’s a really skilled producer.

I honestly can’t pick out a single track as being a favourite. They’re all superb.

Vinyl – Released 28th May 2012

Its currently being supported by Blawan, Kr!z, Jerome Hill, AnD, Jamie Behan Sev Dah, Sigha, Shifted, Truss, Rivet, Dave Clarke, Darko Esser, Ben UFO, Tessela, Inigo Kennedy, Northern Structures, Ancient Methods, Perc and more…






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