The Great Day of His Wrath 1851-3 by John Martin 1789-1854

Structures and Shapes _ Interview with Ontal

Had a chat with Darko Dekode and Boris Noiz from Subotica, Serbia who make industrial techno/rhythmic noise under the name of Ontal.


Searching _ Interview with Sawf

I caught up with the mysterious producer from Greece; Sawf, for a chat and to discuss his new release on the experimental and… more »


Aesthetic _ Interview with CTRLS

Recently got the chance to chat with CTRLS about his live set and studio work coming up to his performance at Fabric London.


Different Purpose _ Interview with Gerard Hanson [Convextion / E.R.P]

For those who know, Gerard Hanson needs no introduction. Based in and hailing from Texas, Gerard has released techno under the alias Convextion… more »

Realmz 2

Militant _ Interview with REALMZ

Sonic Groove leviathan REALMZ comes out of the shadows for some dialog and a mix that will challenge your understanding of what Techno… more »

Invite @ Smeerboel

Curate The Show _ Interview with Invite

ad.lib talks to Tim/ Invite – the man behind Invite Choice Podcasts. A series of 78 quality techno sets as of when we… more »

Roebin de Freitas

Omnipresent _ Interview with Roebin de Freitas

RdF has an incredible album that snakes it’s way though dub, techno, broken beat, dubstep, breaks and IDM. It’s amazing. subsekt 012 will… more »

G-Man _ Gez Varley

Back Track 02 _ Gez Varley / G-Man _ G-Man II EP

The idea behind Back Track is to chat to a producer about one of their older releases, with the intention to document some… more »

Macronite_subsekt 011

The Hivemind _ Interview with Macronite

subsekt 011 is a special mix from the residents of the best club in Ireland; Macronite. You need to get inside The Hivemind… more »

Paul Mac _ 1

Back Track 01 _ Paul Mac _ Another Escape EP

Released in 1998, Another Escape featured tracks from Mac’s first album. His new one: Hotel Insomnia, will drop later this month. We caught… more »

ad.lib _ subsekt

Autodidact _ Interview with ad.lib

ad.lib is quickly establishing himself as one to watch, with his exciting live-sets and a succession of stand-out productions. A quick- witted and… more »

PRTP004 - Dare & Haste - Extraction EP 1500 smaller

Preemptive Action _ Interview with George Lanham

How good would it be for Dave Clarke to say that your music is unique & modern?  George knows what it feels like.… more »

Subsekt x DressHead Chiffon Bodycon Dress

Subsekt x DressHead Chiffon Bodycon Dress / Peach / One Shoulder / Mini Skirt This peach number inspired by subsekt x is… more »

Voidloss Logo _ rust

Deep Wounds and Divine States _ Interview with Voidloss

Choosing the righteous path is never straightforward. Outsider status may have protected Voidloss from trend, but its also given him space to produce… more »

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