Stormfield _ Main

Separate _ Interview With Stormfield [Combat Recordings / Fausten]

Entertaining chat & an amazing mix for subsekt 043 by Stormfield.

3RD _ Main _ Vinyl

Statement _ Interview With 3RD

New vinyl venture from ad.lib, Patrick Krieger & S-Tek. They say good things always come in 3(RD)’s..

Ryan Dallas _ Main

By The Sword _ Interview With Ryan Dallas

Belfast Techno Selector, DSNT Resident & the man behind subsekt 041.

Ida Matsdotter_ Cover

Northern Wind _ Interview With Ida Matsdotter

Ida provides the latest podcast in the Technoise series and over the course of this interview, reveals another side to Swedish Techno.

RKT _ Main

The First Criteria _ Interview With Reaktivate Records / RKT

Strength in numbers and diversity.

Opuswerk _ Main

Parametric Design _ Interview With Opuswerk

Hypnotic machine music from the Mariana Trench on subsekt 036..

Lag _ Main

Out Of Context _ Interview With Lag

Lag lets off some steam as his subsekt 035 mix destroys everything in it’s path..

Giles Armstrong _ Main

Don’t Believe The Hype _ Interview With Giles Armstrong

Techno stalwart. Admired Person.

Fausten _ Main

Black Research _ Interview with Fausten

More of a longitudinal meeting of minds than a collaboration, Fausten are in it ’til the end..

Joseph McGeechan _ Main

Programmed _ Interview With Joseph McGeechan

Music. In his own words.

Alavux _ Main

How People Live _ Interview With Alavux

Great mix and conversation with Goran / Alavux.

Exium _ Main

The Love For Electronic Music _ Interview with Exium

In 1999, Valentín Corujo and Héctor Sandoval decided to work together as the successful partnership Exium

Jake Conlon _ Front

Idle Hands _ Interview With Jake Conlon

An odds-on favourite for interesting things to come..

Israel Vines _ Through The Fire _ Main

Through The Fire _ Interview with Israel Vines

Borrowed language from the genre agnostic..

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