Doing Things His Way _ Interview With David Meiser

David Meiser _ New Professionalism

New Professionalism

The rise of Meiser was a big surprise to him and caused a bit of stress in the beginning, also because he still had and has a fulltime job as a computer engineer besides his new career in techno. Meiser did not expect everything to move that fast as it happened but he soon regained control. Now his approach to production is more professional than ever and besides that he’s really taking care of how to get the attention of the fans, the media, promoters, labels and other artists on his music.

‘When I start to make music now I put more focus on thinking about what to do before doing something. Sometimes I write something on paper, especially when I’m thinking about the amount of layers of sound that I want to have. Besides that I think about voices in my tracks, rhythm, synths, and all of that before I touch a mouse. In the beginning of my career I did the opposite thing.’

‘Besides making changes in my production process I’m taking more care of the media, in particular the social media. I don’t understand why artists use their channels to give opinions on rubbish. I just put the things on there that are important, and it works because in that way I got the attention. If you put nonsense things everyday you lose the connection with the public. To tell the world that you are having a coffee or going to the gym is not important, realize that you are an artist. So talk about interesting things regarding your music.’


The Future

The latest release of Meiser’s, Temple of Solitude, is a real blast in techno land and shows Meiser that the efforts he has made weren’t useless. Dave Clarke charted ‘Who Controls’, one of the tracks on the EP, as one of the best tracks of 2013 although ‘Temple of Solitude’ wasn’t even released until 2014. The future is promising for Meiser, but he stays careful.

‘On the one hand I’m finishing a new EP at the moment, I’m currently working in the studio on that. On the other hand I’m working on the ‘Who Controls’-remixes with some big artists. And last but not least I have a couple of gigs confirmed around Europe, but none of them is in Spain. I will play in Mönchengladbach in Germany on March 29th at Reform and from there on I will be taking part in the Reform events with a residency each two months, which also will be my first residency out of Spain. After that I will play in the famous Tresor in Berlin on April 2nd at a new event, the ‘New Faces Night’, on which main host Sebastian Krenzlin brings new artists to the scene -what is an incredible opportunity for new artists in the scene-. On 3rd May I play in Lisbon (Portugal) in the Millenial Celebration and later on in the year I have a confirmation to play in Leeds in the UK at Dubtek on August 16th. And then there are still some dates to be confirmed.’

‘So you see, everything is going well at the moment and I will never lose the chance to get a professional career out of this if possible. But I will always do it in a sustainable way, with the right background. I want things to happen at the right speed, in an organic way. I also want to do that by putting a lot of attention into vinyl, because I’ve always played vinyl. And although I don’t play vinyl myself anymore, it’s still very important to me. To release vinyl and get support for a physical product means a lot to me. It’s something I will be able to show to my children one day and gives me the feeling I’m doing things in a right way. My way.’


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