Straight Forward _ Interview With Ashley Borg


What are the plans for 2014 for Void? Where would you guys like to take it?

Dunno, I reckon each member has his or her own idea, but in the end we don’t have the final say.

Maybe a couple of reputable guests if we can make it happen. Personally I wouldn’t mind a longer set or a B2B with one or two of the guys. Generally our greatest challenge is to keep the party fresh for the punters since it’s once a month and we’re trying to rotate about 15 residents. Luckily we have a great core crowd, real amazing dedicated people so big up to them. If anything our aim should just be to keep them loving it.

Keeping everyone happy sounds good. Is the London Techno scene a small interbred affair, or is it all a bit scattered?

In terms of the hardcore techno heads, I’d estimate there’s around 150. You see the same faces out a lot, so to those who’re not involved in throwing parties or DJing, credit goes out to them who basically make going out so enjoyable. I only make it out around once a month these days, but genuinely love the time I spend with my Techno raving family. It’s a shame the nights fly by so quickly. I hear some mud getting flung about techno heads being better in other places. I don’t buy that. It’s just different. We have a scene where on the right weekend you can do Friday night to Sunday night so we’re a little spoiled and if anything that’s the only thing that could be levelled.

If you wanna talk about appetite, we have a roving reporting raver named Jammy. August apart, during which he’s on holiday, he’s out EVERY weekend. I’d like to see anyone in the world match him party for party.

Yeah, Jammy is a busy man!

Is there much competition between crews or is everyone good mates? Do you ever go out ripping down posters haha?

There’s kind of 2 levels, you got the superclub/super promoters, the likes of Fabric, Hydra, LWE & Jaded. These guys have the rep and finances to pull big names. It’s all earned so credit to them. We all owe these guys big time right now, because with so many club closures if you want a party with a decent level of production and venue, they’re the ones we have to rely on. We’re bloody lucky in London and I don’t think some people quite grasp that.

Then under that you have us Small/Medium level parties we’re basically working with what’s left of the market. Some promoters go for broke, and try to pull the biggest names and best venues they can. The reality for us all is that on average or at best; depending on clashes, we can only pull around 150-250 people. There’s many who’ll give the big bollocks, thumping their chests, but that’s it in a nutshell. It would be nice if everyone who’s trying to put on the smaller parties could collaborate or share information to ensure parties don’t clash, but it doesn’t happen, there’s a bit too much ego, distrust or just plain not liking each other.

Ok, well lets get back to the music now. How is producing going Ashley?

Maybe we should skip this one. Hahahaha.

No, lets go.. What name are you producing under?

No really, I’m actually Blacknecks. Only joking…

hahahahaha.. Which one on them are you?

Truthfully it’s slow….. Like very slow. I think I’m entering year 3 and I’ve only finished a handful of stuff. It’s difficult working around family time and my day job, which I suppose I should be grateful for in times like these. I am actually getting better, much better thanks to the people on the forum and the guys at VOID who’re good enough to share their knowledge. After a shit load of time faffing with Logic, I made the single best decision in these 3 years, and moved to Ableton. Thank fuck Logic, can burn in hell!!!!

I moved over to Ableton also. I’ve no regrets either..

Nah seriously, I just don’t think we were made for each other. But I’m a stubborn bastard sometimes, especially when I’ve paid for something. So now I’ve pretty much limited myself down to a couple of Plug in synths and synthesised drum machines, with field recordings.

I heard a guy on the radio today who was talking about the benefits of writing down your plans to make them ‘Real’. He’s now organising a round the world cycle for charity. Bet he’s regretting writing that shit down now haha. Are you getting closer to the vision?

I’m not one of those who harbours dreams of becoming a pro DJ/Producer. I genuinely love doing this. It beats wasting time watching TV show box-sets and playing computer games. It’s actually something which is creative and expressive. Hopefully at some point this year I’ll finish something which I can play at VOID, or even better; one of the others will like it enough to play it themselves. I’ve already achieved pretty much everything I wanted DJ wise, so having a decent tune played out to our regular Techno heads would leave me feeling pretty complete. Otherwise my single goal is to continue to enjoy it. Unlike my day job it’s not something I have to do, it’s something I chose to do.

Right, we’ll get on to the mix then. Will you tell us about subsekt 047 and how you approached it?

I must say since playing regular at VOID recording mixes has become more difficult. Getting in the zone, isn’t so easy if you’re a DJ who prefers to read a crowd. Luckily it was my Mrs’ Mum’s birthday over Christmas so I had a few hours to get this done. I wanted to do longer than an hour, my aim was for 120 mins, but had to cut it short at 90 mins. Approach wise knowing I was going to possibly play a deeper set on New Year Day, I thought I’d just go on the attack.

Old meets new was basically my concept. I love 90s – 2000s Techno, the energy, the rawness. It feels human, like people working to the edge of their abilities; whatever they may have been. These tracks have been coupled with some current releases that I really like, such as the Rich Oddie release. But that aside the other stuff are also quite raw stuff from unknown/upcoming guys who I know and have been nice enough to send over their tracks.

I’ve come to embrace the way I play; it’s not single minded of focused in the way that some DJs who I really respect are able to. I’ll take a set places, with the aim of making people think “How the fuck did we get here”? I want my sets to have an air of unpredictability, I like it to be obvious that I’ve gone on the hunt for tunes, and not just bought from xxxx top 10 charts or just followed the links from release notification emails.

So final big ups to….

Chris Page, Ross Alexander, Mono Xid, Jay Clarke, Mslwte, Restof, David Meiser, Fundamental Interaction, Dax J, Drohn, J-T-Kyrke, Jake Conlon, Ben Gibson, Tim Alexander, Candela Rising, Reactivate, Equal Sequence Department, Binny, Obsoleet, & Keylen.

Apologies for anyone missed.

Excellent. I can’t wait to listen to it now. We’ve got it, obviously, but I really enjoy listening to it on the night.

Ok.. well thats roughly it Ashely. Thanks for the mix, the chat and the banter on the forums. It has to be said that you’ve got a good sense of humour man haha.. as we’ve well established many times. Exhibit A has to be those fake pictures that we did in MSpaint & Photoshop haha! Anyway..  Let’s go for the quickfire round..


What is the difference between being alive and actually living?

All I can think of when I see the word alive is the film (Alive) where they’re stranded and end up eating each other. So actually living is being able to eat your mate lightly spiced, medium rare. Hahaha

Are people idiots for typing mashine when they want to type machine, or subsekt when they really mean subject?

Yes, low of the lows, learn to spell you dopey cunts!

The stupidest request that you’ve got while DJ’ing?

Fuck knows, but likely it was at Ministry of Sound

Last record you bought?

Actual record. This off Discogs, buying rare out of press shit still gives me a buzz. All the way from Spain

Satellite by Robert Hood

Favourite subsekt at school?

Fuck knows what this means??? Fav podcast, tough one. Maybe Giles Armstrong.

Fav Subsekt member, Toss up between yourself, Hades, Mono & Voidloss, classy Techno Trannies. Hahahaha

Interview question in reverse. In hindsight, what should you have spent more time doing 5 years ago?

Wish I’d have started making music 5 years ago. Learning with a kid has been near impossible.
However taking music out of the equation, I should’ve continued and finished taking my Football coaching badges.



Music production and history are my biggest passions in life. Though people often say that Techno is faceless and should be about the music blah, blah, blah.. I believe in the need to document the people and stories behind it. Techno is a very small world in reality and I think it needs a proper resource. I hope that everyone who is interested in Techno finds this blog accessible in terms of the way that it is written. I personally prefer to hear the artists voice as loud as the music and never enjoy synopsised and pasteurised versions of old conversation; the sort that's peppered with the occasional quote here and there.

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