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I really liked your podcast for Rising Management. It was very subtly laid out. I was listening to it with a few friends in the awkward hours on Sunday. Can you tell us about your involvement with Rising Management?

I started with them from the beginning, around three or four years ago. We know each other very well from Barcelona. I know Carlos and Surit Of NX1 around 5 or 6 years, from the LEV festival in Spain. They are personal friends of mine and we share the same visions of electronic music. We’re collaborating together for the next release actually. It is NX1 with remix’s from Tadeo, Agony Forces and Jonas Kopp. And the second release in March, is my own, with remixes from Oscar Mulero, Ness and Adriana Lopez. The 3rd will be Deepbass.

I think that NX1 and Carlos have my same vision for music and labels. We like the same products. I like that they appreciate that the songs, the masters and all the little things are vital for a great label. NX1 made a remix of Error Etica last year and also Claudio PRC. There are a couple of videos too which I make myself with old films.

How long has psychoskunk been around?

It started actually many years ago. I made the first release of Psychoskunk about 2004. The vinyl making process has become very expensive and there has been a change with vinyl and digital. I had serious problems with the distribution.. So there was only one or two releases for years because of the money, the payments. In my vision, it’s fundamental for a label to make vinyl. The digital labels, the digital only labels, they don’t have support. There are many many labels on digital. If you are a serious label then you need to be vinyl and digital.

How is Spain for you techno-wise?

In Spain, I’ve known Polegroup and Rising Management for many years. I think that is the correct vision for Techno music, because in Spain you get the big category of Ibiza music, but this is acid mate. The concept of music of many DJs and producer aimed for Ibiza songs and for that movement. I don’t like that electronic music. It is not underground. I hate that many producers and DJ’s in Spain don’t know that this isn’t techno music. For me it is acid. You see the good things, the many things and you confuse it with that stuff. It is not the same, it is Ibiza music.

Does that affect the type of gig you would get in Spain?

Yes because of many of these Top 10 DJ’s. When they arrive in Spain, their vision is Ibiza. The price of these DJ’s to play in Spain is very very expensive. I don’t understand how the clubs in Spain make these payments. These DJ’s don’t get the same money in other countries. In Spain we have many artists as do Berlin, but they play elsewhere, rather than Spain. This process is sad. I play more in England, Leeds, London etc… I’m booked for Rome in March and there are some serious propositions lined up for Berlin and England. I think Holland has a serious techno movement. Great parties and great music. I’ve collaborated with Paul Boex from Dynamic Reflection on a remix in the last year. Also Jeroen Search.

Haha yes, I went to see him and Deepbass last year in Studio 80. Lots and lots of hardware. A friend of mine said he looked like he was literally streaming techno from his head. Do you ever look into doing live?

I only play DJ sets. I tried many years ago, with an Akai MPC2000 and decided I would not do a live set. I feel I can properly express myself with a DJ set. I play with Technics as much as possible. It is more dynamic. I will use Traktor when the conditions are not good, but if it is possible I prefer to play with turntables and CDs. I prefer playing with vinyl.

Sometimes simplicity can be more dynamic. I have seen sets been destroyed by looping, the original tracks lose meaning and you get a flat result in the end. But I do like what you can do with digital. Do you incorporate that at all with vinyl?

I use the Soundbyte sampler to loop and like to bring in extra hardware for that. But I do think Traktor is great software for playing with.

Thanks Victor, its been great having you say a few things on subsekt. Have you heard of it before?

Yes, for me it is a serious blog and forum. I read some great interviews on here. Like the Orphx and Exium Interviews. I like the concept and I hope more blogs and magazine adopt this concept of music and underground mentality.


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