Coherent States _ Interview With Error Etica

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A conversation with Victor Martinez for the latest Technoise Print Podcast.

Coherent States _ Interview With Error Etica

Author: Esh

I came across Error Etica a good little while ago and what I heard got me interested in this guy’s work quite quickly. “The Axiom Of Coherent States” was quite different from a lot of the other albums I came across. A lot of variety in how the tracks where laid out as well as quite a distinct playful vibe. I didn’t realise Error Etica was an alias for Victor Martinez till I listened to the Rising Management podcast and I heard that same playfulness. I was listening to it with some friends in those awkward hours of the morning and the mix constantly tweaked in and out and has a very captivating and original way of building up anticipation without losing interest . I was speaking to Victor after he recorded a podcast for my series and he spoke very highly of subsekt. So naturally an interview followed……

About the author:

Esh runs Technoise Print. He is dedicated to all things Techno and is a DJ, Producer & occasional Journalist.

First things first.. I know you by two aliases, Victor Martinez and Error Etica. Who is Who?

With Victor Martinez I make music only for the dance floor. Error Etica is more experimental electronic music. Experiments.

Which came first?

Well, Victor Martinez came first and then Error Etica was a later project. My first album of Error Etica was two years ago; The Axiom Of Coherent States. I began playing under the Victor Martinez name 15 years ago.

Could you tell us a little bit about that album?

It is a concept, a vision of new songs and my experiments. Some are minimal and others are electronic music.

What got you into electronic music?

My father is a serial lover of music and I had always vinyl at home. Funk records, disco, rock etc. I started to playing in 1995, mostly EBM, Acid and Techno-Trance. During this time, I worked summers in a record shop in my town , and I bought records of Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Resistance D, Hardfloor, etc.. Several years later we started to get American material: M-plant, Axis, Red Planet etc

Victor’s Influences:

You also write music for short films & documentaries?

Yes, I make various projects for documentaries and short films for promoters in Spain. I’ve also make the music and trailers for short films for a festival near my town. It is a festival for short films.

And this is also before Error Etica?

Yes I did this before. It can be challenging to arrange the music for the documentaries. One of those films was about problems in the North of Africa; Occupied Territories. When I make these, or other projects under Error Etica, I think I’m in another or different state than I usually am. When I make music with Victor Martinez, my main intention for music is focused on the dance floor. When I make music for these projects or Error Etica, I’ll research for the different songs or tracks with my portable recorder and experiment with new things. There’s a lot of sound design and other methods involved in writing the songs. Completely different to what I use to make music for the dance floor.

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