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3RD _ ad_lib

How is the running of the label going to be organised? Seb is doing the mastering I take it? Where does everyone else fit in?

ad.lib:  Seb is taking care of the mastering of course! I do the artwork and Patrick is our ghost producer if we’re honest!

Patrick: haha.. I’m too slow to be a ghost producer. We have to slow down our releases to a vinyl every decade if you really want me to do that..

S-Tek: It works nicely. We don’t have strict rules. As we mentioned before, we’ll all try to work on the label as much as we can and push it in the right direction. The coordination is done on-the-fly via facebook and dropbox. We are completely virtual in that sense.

What about your own solo releases?

ad.lib: We all agree that it’s not our goal to spread music on an immense array of labels. We’ll work with a selected list of labels like Affin or Gynoid. There’s so many artists around that it’s nice to keep it simple for all the music enthusiasts out there. We want to build profiles as artists so people can have kind of a picture about what ad.lib is or where to look for the music. That’s why we think it’s the right step to start a vinyl label in 2013. But at the same time we always keep our eyes open. It’s good to see that there’s still people sharing our enthusiasm for quality electronic underground music and it’s even better to meet them at all kind of occasions.

Ranting about the downside of the internet before I have to add the positive aspect here I guess. It’s good that a few groups of like minded people can team up without living next door. It’s always a pleasure to discuss or even collaborate with people who believe in the same things. 3RD would not exist without the internet.. so the internet cannot be that bad!

Haha.. Yeah, it’s nice to see the internet used for good occasionally!!

Well, 3RD 01 should be available in stores as this interview is going out, so best of luck with it all Gentlemen!



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Music production and history are my biggest passions in life. Though people often say that Techno is faceless and should be about the music blah, blah, blah.. I believe in the need to document the people and stories behind it. Techno is a very small world in reality and I think it needs a proper resource. I hope that everyone who is interested in Techno finds this blog accessible in terms of the way that it is written. I personally prefer to hear the artists voice as loud as the music and never enjoy synopsised and pasteurised versions of old conversation; the sort that's peppered with the occasional quote here and there.

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