Northern Wind _ Interview With Ida Matsdotter

Ida _ Portrait

These artists are some of my favourites at the moment. Donato Dozzy, Neel and Mike Parker. Some good stuff there between them.

Yes but also I like Andreas Krämer, Robert Hood, Moritz Von Oswald, The whole “Voices from the Lake” album is amazing. I bought it on vinyl. Another label I love is Driftwood. “Da Kine – Just the Way I feel”. Deep house. Very beautiful. Bought that one as well and it was very expensive.

Da Kine – Just the Way I Feel.

Voices from the Lake – Full album

And also “Drop 3”. Amazing. I was like, you did not just do this guys. This is too good. And it is so close to my vision. They are amazing, I met them at Awakenings and heard them live. They make techno with love. It was really good, but I know they can do even better. They made a really nice atmosphere, I felt so much love and that is not common in techno. But it is often a more hard but cool feeling. They bring spirituality in their sounds. I admire that. It’s more a forest vibe than a club vibe, but it works in a club. Genius. They are probably the best. I want to hear them again. The sound picture on the album is simple amazing.

Voices from the Lake Feat Donato Dozzy & Neel – Drop 3 (Prologue Music)


Informal, relaxed and a little quirky. Ida’s responses to some of these questions really bring the point home, to me at least, why some people can hold more of a value to music than others.

Some chase fame and money, some genuinely fall in love with the what they are doing. Developing these little obsessions with some of the strangest things. Drawing influences from all over the place, no matter how subtle. I find talking to people like Ida can help motivate a person to look at why they like the music they do and why they choose to invest so much of their life into its creation.

Application and dedication can bear more fruit than following a trend or a sound, holding that value to the music can bring the best out of it. Inspiration is something not be underestimated.

Ida Matsdotter


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