The Love For Electronic Music _ Interview with Exium


How do you feel about all the developments that take place now in the electronic music scene? Do you think there is an overkill in parties, festivals and people who want to get involved in Techno and related electronic music styles?

We do not think there is an excess of events and festivals, in fact in Spain, due to the crisis, there are fewer places to play or Techno events.

On the second question, it seems that every day there are more people who want to be involved in electronic music, every day there are more DJs but they are attracted by the image portrayed by the bigger names who are closer to rock stars, rather than to DJs who have a real love of Techno or electronic music itself.

Do you listen to other music besides electronic music? If so, what music? And if so, in which way does this other music influence the music you produce?

Valentín:  80´s music, … Techno-pop, though it’s all still electronic music. I could not say that this doesn’t somehow influence me, at least consciously.

Héctor: I listen to music constantly although most of the time it is electronic music. Lately I listen to a lot of krautrock, post punk… although for me they have a clear electronic orientation. I think the music I hear constantly influences my compositions, I think that influences me 50% and the other 50%  would be the influence of other artists of contemporary Techno.

Where or what are you looking forward to this year?

Mainly we hope our album works out well and is well received. We will continue working with our fellows on PoleGroup, on growing the label’s name and our own label Nheoma.


‘A Sensible Alternative To Emotion’ is currently available on vinyl and will be digitally available on June 3.

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