The Love For Electronic Music _ Interview with Exium

Exium _ A Sensible Alternative to Emotion _ Album Cover

Valentín, you started the label Granulart Recordings this year. Why?

We’ve always had side projects to Exium, this time I’m looking for more dub and Detroit Techno influenced sounds, but with a modern or current production style, different from the stuff I do as Exium.

For this project I will use a part of my music that I produced under my moniker Kessell, and I also want to edit stuff from other artists who grab my attention. The first release for this label has two of my tracks and two remixes by Substance (also known as DJ Pete, one of the resident dj’s of Berghain, ed.). The distribution on vinyl and digital will be run by Triple Vision. You can keep up to date with this project at or

Héctor, do you have plans for a new label or a new musical direction?

For years I have had an alter ego, Komatssu, with which I explored other musical styles such as IDM, ambient, glitch etc…. At the end of last year, I released my first vinyl album on the label Scheme, titled “El poso que da el tiempo”, you can listen to it or buy it at I will release more of this kind of stuff soon. I’m not really interested in producing Techno or anything similar under a project other than Exium, I will keep doing it now and in the future.


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