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So you’ve recently changed from iFormat to your one name, why was this and what does this change signify?

Well for me iFormat was about just doing what I felt, this was the start of me really not thinking about a certain sound. With Joseph, I wanted to be more focused on this because of the issue with the bi polar and my album relating to this. I could have sent my album to other labels, but because it was so personal to me i opted to have it on my own label; BCR. Also with my Joseph productions I feel this is more of my proper sound and I wanted to spend more time working on this. iFormat was a bit more chaotic also. I guess this is an indication of the place I was in when I was making the music, especially with the song titles, but this has continued with my own name also.

When performing a live set, do you feel like you get into a certain zone… if so could you describe this?

For me doing the live set is a really special feeling. This all depends on my mood and how stoned I am during the set also. I feel when I have been smoking weed, it puts me into a place during the gig, where i really feel the need to express with the music. It takes a lot of confidence to stand and do the live set, playing purely my own material, but for me that is what makes it so special; seeing the crowd react to music they haven’t heard. That also adds to the way I react back to them when playing the gigs. Most times I am quite serious thought when I’m doing the gigs also. With the weed.. Most of the set was built when I was stoned, so I guess this is why I feel more connected with the music when I am this way.

But after the gig and if I am happy with how it went, this is a great release for me. I am pretty much a perfectionist in all that I do, so it is hard to be happy with everything when you are programmed this way.

And what has been your best gig to play to date?

For me personally it was my last Tresor gig. It was the final culmination of my live set sounding the way I wanted it to sound. For me there is no club like Tresor. I feel lucky that people come to support the BCR Label Nights there. We have had so many great nights there, but for me it’s all about the location and the atmosphere it generates. I’ve played many other clubs, but for me nothing compares to Tresor. When I played there, it was the realisation of a dream and I felt like I had arrived in a place that was made for my music.

It sounds like it was a blast!

Have you any plans for the label in the near future?

With the label, I have remixes from Pacou for John Mitchell’s release. John is someone I rate highly. For me he has a very special sound. With Chris Page, we have remixes from Xhin and Sunil Sharpe. Then with my album we have Solenoid remix and one other remix to be confirmed. We also have label nights coming up in Poland, New York, Berlin and various other places. It’s been an exciting time for the new label. Working with Monika has had a really positive effect on me and it’s great to see her now doing live. I feel live is the way forward. With BCR, we are more focused on the sound of the artists more than focus on myself.

Only good things are on the way so! If there was one thing you could change about society, what would it be?

For me it would be people and the way the react to what they choose not to understand.

Thanks a million for agreeing to do the mix and interview for us here at subsekt, you gave some very honest answers there, just to finish up, do you want to mention anything about the mix you’ve prepared?

You’re welcome Rachael, thanks for the opportunity to speak with you about this. Well, the mix itself is meant to represent my mood that I have been feeling lately as I have been a bit up and down. It’s not all techno, but most of it is. There are a few special tunes in there also, that I thought fitted well with the Techno sound that I play. If the music fits then it can be used regardless as it captures the mood of me as a person. I think it’s good for people to see more of the person with the music rather than just hear the music they make.

Looking forward to having a listen and thanks again!

Your welcome, thanks again for the interview.


Joe provides the message and music for subsekt 032, which is transmitted on Fnoob @ 2200GMT on 12th June 2013.

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