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Diego Hostettler tells subsekt about where he’s come from & where he’s going to next..

Flavio had a chat to Diego in the run up to him playing @ Coma on 28th April, which is the launch of their bi-monthly residency at Concrete: 56 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JJ London.They chatted about his back-catalog and musical roots, inspiration and his plans for a new record label with Dave Ellesmere.

Coma have Detroit Techno Militia playing on the 5th May too & you can read more about that here.

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This week’s Alta Sessions are gearing up for the upcoming Coma Party in London. It’s a 4 Hour ‘Coma Special’, featuring Diego Hostettler, Ben Gibson, Doubleffe and Larry Cavelle. A little taste of what we’re up to this Sunday at Concrete Space.


Hello Diego, I hope you are well. Could you please introduce and tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m doing electronic music for about 15 years now. I released around 50 12”´s and 7 albums mainly on Heiko Laux label Kanzleramt. Right now I’m running my own labels Belief System Records and Impulse Records.

How did you get into electronic music and Techno?

Everything started with a “Hit House” tape I got from my neighbour like back in 1988. It was like quit commercial acid house. We listened to it while swinging the swing 🙂

Also like at the same time my dad played with an electronic musician from Bern and I could visit his studio sometimes. After my visit to his studio it was clear that I wanted to have all those synths, so after a while my dad bought me my first drum machine; a TR707.

That’s cool.. So what influenced your music when growing up?

I grew up mainly with jazz music due to my dad being a professional jazz musician back in the days.

How was the electronic music scene where you grew up?

I grew up in Bern. Tbh there was never a real electronic music scene, so I went to Zürich every weekend to a club called “Rohstofflager”. Everybody played there from Mills to Slater to Hood. It was later also the first club where I had a residency and played monthly.

How would you like to describe your sound in a few words?

No, I can’t describe my sound in a few words. I’m doing music for a reason. Listen to it!

Good answer! You’ve been living around Berlin, London and Bern. Which of these cities inspires you the most and why?

None really! Inspiration comes from within. Actually it does not matter where you live. Your brain salvages whatever input you get and crates new ideas and pattern and sounds if you can let go and get into this creative state.


How did your working relationship with Heiko Laux begin?

Pretty funny!  Back in the days a dude I don’t really know downloaded all my tracks from (it was a website like Soundcloud these days). He sent it to Neuton distribution and they sent the demo to Heiko. So basically it was pure luck that I ended up with Kanzleramt 🙂

At the beginning you simply used to call yourself Diego. Now it’s Diego Hostettler. Is there a particular reason for it?

Very easy, you can’t find anything about me if you search for “Diego” on Google,

Haha – So what have you got lined up for the future?

I just started my own label with my buddy Dave Ellesmere. It’s called Belief System Records and we’re gonna release more cutting edge techno and ambient music. Right now we have signed Mike Storm who just debuted with his EP “One Target”. The follow ups are gonna be releases from Ritzi Lee, Random Audio and Belief System, which is a project from me and Dave focusing on more spacey Mills-y tunes.

Also I’m gonna run my own imprint “Impulse” soon focusing more on the harder edge of techno as well as I gonna still work with Kanzleramt & U-Turn

What can we expect from your DJ set on Sunday the 28th at Coma?

That really depends on the situation in the club. I can play from devastating hard to more spacey.. We will see J

Thanks a lot for your time Diego. I’ll see you on Sunday!

Diego on Soundcloud

Event on Resident Advisor

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Diego plays @ Coma on 28th April, which is the launch of their bi-monthly residency at Concrete: 56 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JJ London



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