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So you’ve traveled to large amount of countries through the years, what was the most bizarre experience you encountered so far?

Being dragged in a battered car behind a tractor along miles of flooded farm track, in what seemed like the middle of nowhere in Brazil, whilst mud spattered happy faces struggled to walk the other way knee deep in mud to get to the party. This was after playing at an open air even near Sao Paulo with Speedy J during what turned out to be one of the wettest weeks on record. I had to get to the airport sharp, which made it all the more bizarre. I’ve got a video clip somewhere that I shot from the car and dubbed Talking Heads’ ‘Road To Nowhere’ over the top.

There’s been plenty of bizarre experiences though!

What was the last gig you attended not in a DJ capacity and how was it?

Some really good mates from the south west (of the UK) have a band called Auction For The Promise Club and I go to see them whenever they are in London if possible. So that was the last gig I went to as part of an ‘Emerging Icons’ tour curated by the Kaiser Chiefs. I got to know the guys from AFTPC after seeing them play a few years ago so the music came first; which means the gigs are always going to be good too! You might have spotted a couple of unofficial remixes of their music I’ve done that have popped up in mixes I’ve done in the past few years.

I hear you are soon to become a daddy for the first time, many congratulations!  If there was any one record that you would give to your child to help develop their love for music, what would it be?

Hmmm, that’s a tricky one!

Although we have been playing Aphex Twin to him already (‘Nannou‘ almost daily) and he definitely reacts to it so what would be better than that? That said, I got a Fisher Price turntable when I was two, when my brother was born, and I’m pretty sure I played those little plastic records to death and look where that got me! I’ve recently read that they’ve started re-making those turntables too so maybe one of those records (or three of those turntables) would be a good idea!

When it comes to the time that you have to pull out a handful of your own tracks for your Son to get an idea of your past, what ones do you think will represent you the best?

I suppose I’d try to pick stuff from across the years so something like the following…

‘Input Inversion’ from ZET01


‘Nano Technology (A2)’ from ASY009

‘Aching To Get Beneath’ from ASYMP3008

‘September Pieces’ the whole CD on ED005


‘Terpsichore’ from ASYMP3012

‘Ohio (Asymmetric Rework by Inigo Kennedy)’ by Khoiba

‘Obsidian’ from TOKEN17

‘Cloudless’ from SEMANTICA35


Hi I’m Rachael and I love exploring different thought processes and ranges of emotion through the medium of music. Music has caused me to find people of similar mindsets and build beautiful friendships. There is nothing more enjoyable than dancing and feeling the frequencies flow through your body while getting lost in a cacophony of sound, which drenches the senses so soothingly. I also really enjoy reading, ranting and researching. https://www.facebook.com/Rachbehere http://soundcloud.com/rachbehere

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  1. ICN

    Feb 12. 2013

    Great interview. Love it!

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  2. David

    Feb 28. 2013

    This is an incredible interview. Lots of insight. great work!
    I’ve always rated Inigo since his Missle/Zet days and i’m glad to see he is still in the game and evolving.

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