1970’s Maplin 5600S Synth

Maplin 5600S

Incredible to think Maplin did analog stuff like this.. Awesome.

Believe that it was designed by an Australian guy & built by Maplin. I’ve seen some people online saying that they were building them, so theres a chance that they came in kit form originally. Even more likely considering the way you can buy all sorts of components and kits from Maplin today.

Was looking on this website of Trevor Marshall, the guy that designed them & he says that he never made a cent off them, which is kinda sad seeing how cool they are. Respect!




Crazy marketing from the Maplin Catalog below – haha


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  1. HIMA

    Feb 18. 2013

    Yup, when i’m playing stereo synthesisers ladies around my grans age always begin to appear with umbrellas. odd how they travel in packs of 2…

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