Structures and Shapes _ Interview with Ontal

So maybe one final question.. Are there any tracks that make you feel nostalgic and bring you back to a different time in your lives?

Darko: Haha, another difficult question!

Hahaha, sorry, i’m eeevil!


Ah yes good old Richard D.


Big Skinny Puppy fan also. Great selection. What sort of memories do these tracks re-enact for you?


Boris: Aphex Twin – On.

I was in primary school when that track started enjoying its success on MTV.
I was also very much into seeing what was on MTV and learning new artists and genres at that age, rather than listening to the local artists. I still find most of the local music uninteresting.

Darko: Dark period of my life.

Boris: A few years later, I understood why I shouldn’t listen to music that gets played literally everywhere and almost every day, if not a few times in a day.

Darko: And this one:

Boris: and speaking of darker electronic music, I got introduced to these tapes around 1995. That’s it from me 🙂

Darko: These tracks are just the beginning for my interest in something different, because here in Serbia there is a disgusting music called “Turbo Folk” and it was hard to find something different in the shops and that’s it from me.

‘Turbo folk’, sounds terrifying! haha. Thanks so much for sharing these tracks and associated memories! Really enjoyed this interview, hope you both did too! Is there anything you would like to say in conclusion?

Boris: We’d like to thank everyone for the support after only one year of our existence. Our first releases will be finally out in 2013, so watch out for more info!

Darko: Same here

Boris: We enjoyed the interview and thank you for having us!

No problem, looking forward to hearing those new releases!

Ontal are joining Mslwte & Sawf for a special 3hr subsekt 017 which will be broadcast on Fnoob on Wednesday 26th December 2012 (Time TBC) and will be available on soundcloud after transmission. You will be able to join the event on Facebook shortly.


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Hi I’m Rachael and I love exploring different thought processes and ranges of emotion through the medium of music. Music has caused me to find people of similar mindsets and build beautiful friendships. There is nothing more enjoyable than dancing and feeling the frequencies flow through your body while getting lost in a cacophony of sound, which drenches the senses so soothingly. I also really enjoy reading, ranting and researching.

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