Energun _ Cybernetic EP

Really strong tracks. Full-on Energun style. Recommended.

Energun (Denis and Sergey Sinitsyn Maksymchuk) have been around for a while, originally performing and producing in 1998 under the moniker Energun22, tirelessly (and prolifically) devoting their talents to the maintenance of a classic Techno sound on a selection of labels including Elektrax, Armatura, Russian Techno and more recently their own Energun Recordings. The label, initially designed to accommodate Energun’s own style of raw hard-hitting Techno has now opened up as a platform for other artists to present their own interpretations of the ever evolving sounds of Techno that incorporate dense textures and harsh industrial themes.

Opening track “Cybernetic” with its deep Dub chords and shuffling percussion immediately registers interest which is maintained through a subtle atmospheric backdrop that utilises clever use of key change and perfectly complements an evolving lead resonant stab. This energy is enhanced in “Optimization of Space”, a useful tool brought to life with clever filter and reverb modulation of the track’s prominent chord sequence creating a vast ambient expanse of tension into the sharply-focused percussion. “Design Nation” is the most upfront Techno track of the release built around immediately intoxicating rave chords and well placed blips and sound FX, it has a relentless drive that is slightly lost through thin percussion but proves to evolve into the most honest slice of Techno on this release.

With Energun Recordings opening up to the more experimental trends seen in contemporary Techno, it is encouraging to see Energun themselves maintain their philosophy of raw energy no bullshit old school sounds. They cleverly play with layered designs, textures and rhythm, without ever losing sight of the dance floor, and it’s rejuvenating to see such organic production re-surfacing in the Techno domain.


Supported : Dave Clark, Paul Mac, A. Paul, DVS1, Samuli Kemppi, Mattias Fridell, Dubfire, Positive Merge, Patrick Krieger, Sebastian Bayne, Concrete Djz, Subsekt, RUSK, Summer (Brendon Collins), Danielle Godiva, Stefano Infusino, Luke Creed, Flex, Woo York, Vadz, Tyler Smith, Dj Calrek, S-Tek, Nelman, Coefficient, Jake Conlon, Davor Petrović, Derek Pitral, Anderson Noise, Dj Sam, Dj Punch and other.


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  1. Mslwte

    Nov 15. 2012

    I have been a fan of energun for a while now and I love the hard hitting production style, just right for the dance floor. Nice review btw! I hope it’s the first of many!

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  2. Choc St Clair

    Nov 15. 2012

    Awesome! It’s easy to review such awesome music. I’ll keep following Energun with interest

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  3. DeepSpaceNetwork

    Nov 15. 2012

    nice review mate 🙂

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