Aesthetic _ Interview with CTRLS

Fantastic, great answer, quite a lot to think about! So, to wrap this up, any advice you’d offer to producers in relation to how to get by, particularly with how the business is now? Any pitfalls to watch out for?

Well the first thing I tell people is to get serious and recognize that a bit of sweat and tears comes with the territory. Being full time about music isn’t always something I’d recommend but if you’re not willing to make it come before a lot of other stuff then you’re probably not going to contribute anything significant. It seems pretty obvious but because music is supposed to be “free, fun and creative” you get a lot of people not willing to accept the workload and expenses, both social and monetary.

If we’re talking techno it’s important to realize that most of the successful labels and producers have invested a lot to get where they are, and would be able and willing to do it again. Just pressing up vinyl continuously is a lot more demanding than getting a laptop, making some tunes and uploading them to Beatport. Buying up used analog synths to get that sound, not giving a hell of what your other half thinks of your gear’s aesthetic effect on your living space, travelling to meet DJ’s and promoters and not just sending emails, booking sit-in mastering sessions at serious places instead of going for a guy in a bedroom in a different country. I’m not saying people should become audio scientists and study enough marketing to run an adverts agency, but you have to somehow involve yourself deeply. For yourself, the people that listen to your music and the integrity of the scenes you’re involved in. If you do, your musical existence is likely to be a lot harmonious and relevant.

This goes for you instruments too. Be aware of the hype of the audio industry. There’s just too much marketing bullshit and too many overpriced cheaply made solutions that look more like they’re made to sell then to offer quality.

Well thank you very much, so much really solid advice here!!! I really enjoyed this, have a great time at Fabric; I can’t wait to hear it!

Thanks, I hope I did all my waffling justice haha. I juuuuust got it ready in time, literally made the last loop at 5am Saturday morning. Apart from a few kinks it worked out well!

I’ll bet!


Centrally Processed Unity EP is released on 3rd December, Vinyl & Digital –  on Token


Northern Structures

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  1. ICN

    Nov 29. 2012

    Brilliant geeky read!

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  2. Mono-xID

    Nov 29. 2012

    very nice interview.I remember Pyro’s tracks when i listened to DnB a lot.He’s a cool guy.

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