Various Artists _ Affin Fractals _ Mixed by Joachim Speith [Affin 124]

5 years of Techno labelism proves to be a better reason than most for a compilation..

To mark their 5th birthday, these 11 tracks some with a special bonus; a mix from label boss, Joachim Speith.

It’s a well executed and enjoyable mix, but for many, it’ll be the individual tracks that will hold the greatest attraction. The compilation reflects Affin’s position and approach perfectly. It has the dual ability to be playful (Little Fritter) and seriously heads down (Jeroen Search).

The open-mindedness of this approach has to be admired, as few labels would have the balls to be as multifaceted and be able to back it up with quality tracks.

Personally, I think the album comes alive after the first couple of Tech House tracks have finished and Mattias Fridell‘s track With Particular Reference begins. It’s a perfect transition to introduce the grainyness to follow.

As indicated, the mood quickly gets deeper, with that angular Echologist remix of Gnade Und Vergessen.. and my favourite; Interference Pattern from Jeroen Search.

Apart from Jeroen’s & Mattias’ contributions,  the other stand out tracks for me, have to be the spring like groove of ad.lib & silvision’s Agoraphobia and the hard dub finish of Reggy Van Oer’s UnitledX2.

Overall a very enjoyable selection of music that is wholly representative of the Affin sound. Those with a deeper palate should definitely investigate of the latter half of this package as its got some really nice tracks.


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