Rrose _ Preretinal [EAUX291]

Rrose’s Preretinal; the 2nd release on his own label Eaux, is nothing short of excellent.

Rrose (pronounced ‘Eros’) is an enigma, especially to those individuals who cannot separate the cross dressing performance from his early Sandwell District productions. His real name is shrouded in mystery and the moniker is an obscure reference to mid-century sculptor Marcel Duchamp (who would dress as a woman when showcasing his work).

“23 Lashes” steps under the spotlight with a devastating kick and panning percussion that gravitates the listener’s attention from the start. The subtle use of delay on the percussion, combined with distortion, culminates the intro to the track allowing for more elements to enter the fray. The attention to detail is perceptible throughout the entirety of the track. An underlying synth manages to keep the tension just on the edge, relying on refined textures and modulated sounds without any distinct changes to the percussion pattern. The dynamic changes in synths capture the listener just before a devastating modulated tone comes grating out of the mix, driving the track to the close.

“Prism Guard” adopts similar poignant sounds of Sleeparchive and Jeff Mills, albeit with added distortion to achieve a warmer response while maintaining the element of foreboding techno. The intro of the track is laced in heavy reverb and white noise sweeps then gradually moving into a repetitive loop of desolate bleeps. These seem to shift in frequency as the track progresses, building tension until reaching climax. The tantric interlude from the climatic build brings to mind a cascade of dripping acid. Closure is provided by distorted synths stabs, which are affected heavily with reverb.

Any producer and/or fan of techno can appreciate the technical aspects of Rrose’s production. Preretinal provides an overview of how techno should be made in the 21st century. While “23 Lashes” stands out on the ep, both tracks are as equally impressive as any of Rrose’s previous work. I would definitely recommend that you find a copy any listen for yourself.




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