Mattias Fridell _ Paradigm Contamination _ [Gynoid 074]

His 3rd solo outing for Gynoid is a winner – Banging tracks.

All killer – no filler. Music for the mind and feet.

Ok.. so this has been out a little while.. but I’m really glad that I’ve finally had time to post about it.

Rhine Maiden is wicked. How do I describe it? It’s one of those bass heavy Fridell destroyers. A paradigm.

Elastic synths fill in the gaps above a very solid groove.  Theres some beautiful delay work here, with lots of stuff  filtering about; always with plenty of subtlety and class. Check out the break just before it kicks back in @ 02:30. Slick as.


Q. You know “those” tracks that you hear out? or in a mix? Relentless and rolling like a motherfucker? 

Klein Point is one of them.

The kick at the start of the bar is a classic Swedish trick to hype it up haha. Incredible energy in this track with a filthy groove and gritty atmospheres.  Realistically, the only person Mattias is ever in competition with is himself. That’s more than evident in the  amount of effortless variation he packs into every 8 bars. I find it unbelievable at times tbh..  as it just keeps building and changing  while never overdoing it. Great track.

I’ve listened to these tunes so many times now. It’s hard to pick a favourite. Although I love Klein Point, I really admire  how the sparse rhythm dominates Pertaining To The Vintage. This one originally came out of the  Echopraxia Cycle EP [Gynoid 054] sessions and sounds as if it was conceived in an industrial fan unit. Honestly. This has got such a massive groove.. with acres of room behind the delayed percussion. It’s really nice when he does these spacy tracks with the strong sounds jumping out at ya!

Hard dub FTW!

Out now.







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